What We Repair Repair Price Google Pixel Repairs Time
Google Pixel Screen replacement $244 1 to 3 Working Days
Google Pixel 2 Screen replacement $288 1 to 3 Working Days
Google Pixel 2 XL Screen replacement $377 1 to 3 Working Days
Google Pixel Nexus 6P screen replacement $180 1 to 3 Working Days
Google Pixel Nexus 4 E960 screen replacement $134 1 to 3 Working Days

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Reasons for Getting Google Pixel Repairs Done by Experts

Google’s first phone is worth the wait and worth every penny but when you have to get Google Pixel Repairs you would not seriously feel so special. Many fear to get their expensive smartphones repaired. This is mainly because they fear the quotation that they are to receive from the authentic phone repair brand stores.

What makes the Pixel smartphones a novelty is the appearance of the characteristics of SOC Snapdragon 710 processor; Full-size screen, the aspect ratio of which is 18-9; Flash memory 64 GB; RAM 4 GB; USB Type-C connector; Modules - Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 5.0 LE, NFC, A-GPS, GLONASS, and others. This makes the phone more convenient for the users but a nightmare when it comes to repairing.

Many are of the believe other than the Google repair stores not many have any knowledge about the proper ins and outs of the techniques of Google Pixel Repairs. This is where they are in the wrong! Most of the local technicians have more knowledge about the intricacies of the mobile than the Google-affiliated technicians. This is because the years of experience that has made them so.

For most of you, the option of Google Pixel Repairs is kind of out of question from the local smartphone repairers as they do not trust the nameless technicians. Trust is the determining factor that makes anyone put their dear things on the hand of another. The brand repair centers invoke such trust in the minds of the customers. But that trust is somewhat missing when it comes to other phone repairers.

While you may refuse to believe how good the technicians in Australia really are here are a few things that they cannot take care off. From fixing issues of camera and sensor to ridding the IC or FPC issues of your phone they are apt in dealing with everything. Any issues regarding speaker which is not emitting any sound or sound quality issues can be dealt with by them in a jiffy.

They are more than capable of dealing with dealing with the various problems that steal the peace of your mind at any given time. There are problems that are related to the IC and FPC, part of your phone. It is related to the thin wirings that are present in the device all the way linking one part with another. It is the only way your phone works properly.

Most of the times when your phone starts to act up. And you need for Google Pixel repair solutions in Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide or anywhere in Australia then Phone Glass Repair is the best option which has experts that helps you to fix your problem in few hours. The technicians offering Google Pixel Repairs know exactly what is wrong with your phone by putting all the wires in the right places. It is done in the shortest possible time, without any mistake that would ensure a rework.  

The other part that makes them all the more attractive is that they are more than successful in bringing down the repair cost of your mobile. The discounts offered by them reduce the repair cost by a good margin. Feel free to get your Google Pixel Repairs done by our professionals in Australia!