Blackberry Repair Price Chart

What We Repair Repair Price Repair Time Warranty
Blackberry KEYone screen replacement $202 1 to 3 Working Days
Blackberry PRIV screen replacement $575 1 to 3 Working Days
Blackberry Q20 screen replacement $134 1 to 3 Working Days
Blackberry Bold 9790 screen replacement $123 1 to 3 Working Days
Blackberry Bold 9000 screen replacement $112 1 to 3 Working Days
Blackberry Playbook screen replacement $123 1 to 3 Working Days
Blackberry Storm 9500 screen replacement $107 1 to 3 Working Days
Blackberry Torch 9800 screen replacement $115 1 to 3 Working Days
Blackberry Torch 9860 screen replacement $112 1 to 3 Working Days
Blackberry Z10 screen replacement $123 1 to 3 Working Days
Blackberry Z30 screen replacement $180 1 to 3 Working Days

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My phone was Screen broken but these guys did well to fix my phone within 15 minutes. their service is awesome. I highly recommend to others

Saba Benjamin

One of the best phone glass repair shop you will ever find. Friendly staff and fast repairs with exceptional customer service.

Alwin Joseph

I live in Magill, and this is the best phone repair service providers I go to. The technicians have got knowledge and experience of what they are doing. They not only fix but have explained to me very well the issues with my phone. I have been recommending them to my family and friends for a while now. Always satisfied!

Neil de S

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Most Devices Fix in Same Day
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Blackberry Repairs: Get It Repaired At Half the Cost

No one can discredit the beauty of a Blackberry smartphone. Not only being a landmark of sophistication its great features makes the life of many users extremely easy. But this stylish phone makes many a phone owner without a doubt feel a little under the pressure Blackberry Repairs. This is mainly because they do not believe that any of the local repairers in Australia would be able to take care of their phone properly. They also feel a little distrustful of the fact that the deft technicians can change the original part of the mobiles with fraudulent ones. 

While you may refuse to believe how good the technicians at Australia really are here are a few things that they cannot take care off. From fixing button issues like sound, volume or power off-on keys to ridding the Motherboard issues of your phone they are capable of dealing with just about everything. Any issues regarding sound buttons which is not emitting any sound or the power buttons which are not can be dealt with by them in a jiffy.

Motherboard that is, known as the main board it is the epicenter of the entire set-up and running of a Blackberry. Any trouble in this part would ensure a full-stop on all functions including simple iPad calls to the running of various apps. Private technicians at our shops in Australia are offering Blackberry Repairs of the motherboard would be able to handle the problems efficiently with a confidence that is in no way lesser than the technicians for all.

But if your screen remains unlit after you turn on your Blackberry and not functioning get it to the local repair store fast. It is the sure shot sign of an LCD being broken get it repaired by the local technicians in Australia. You would have to get it all done as soon as you possibly can at the very start when you initially start to experience these problems. Otherwise, your device would get damaged, further.

Accidents are not avoidable in many cases. While most consider themselves to be accident prone, there are scenarios when no matter what you do it is unavoidable. You are under some circumstances quite unable to save your Blackberry from water damages. Rather than trying to solve it on your own by trying new hacks off the internet, try a more efficient route. Have the best expert technician in different cities of  Australia, they will check out all the problems and solve them for you.

If you are looking for Blackberry repair solutions or htc mobile repair servives in Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide or anywhere in Australia then Phone Glass Repair is the best option which has experts that helps you to fix your problem in few hours. They are more than capable of providing you with providing you with Blackberry Repairs at the fraction of the cost that is asked by many a Blackberry repair store. This is possible because the technicians at our shops, the taxes of their own products this also increases the final bill amount. But the local technicians offer you a lot of respite of the price of the original product, and on their own labor, as well. This brings down the total cost of the repair and makes you capable of retaining your mobile for a longer time period.

Are you looking for professional can you can help you with your needs for Blackberry repair services in Adelaide? Well, they are not many companies who are known for their trust for the service but, with are you can always have your needs covered in the best possible way. The professionals will never make sure that you have your phone working without any kind of difficulties at all. Blackberry repair in Adelaide by our experts is one of the highly appreciated services so, you must not worry and come to our Store at the quickest whenever you are having any kind of issues with your device. We will never let you down and make sure that you get your phone working in the best of condition.

If you are looking for repair service for your Blackberry in Adelaide then, you can always connect with our expert and let them know about the trouble you are facing in your device. Not only we will help you with the best of solution and approach but also make sure that you are able to have your device repaired within the same day itself. So, this makes us one of the most reliable service providers with which you can have on your different types of BlackBerry repair needs covered in the most convincing manner.



Whether you are looking for Blackberry screen replacement services or camera repair services, we have all the best solution to get your device fixed. So, you just need to trust us and help yourself get the best of experience. We have specialist in our team to help you with all kinds of repair needs. So, you can come to us for all kinds of problems you are having. We will assist you with Blackberry battery replacement services, microphone repair services, screen repair services, and more.


So, what is making you think so long, just come to our place and experience the best of difference which can help you have your phone working like brand new again! So, reach out to us now and let our experts do the job for you!



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