ZTE Repair Price Chart

What We Repair Repair Price Repair Time Warranty
ZTE T83 screen replacement $134 1 to 3 Working Days
ZTE Max T84 screen replacement $168 1 to 3 Working Days

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My phone was Screen broken but these guys did well to fix my phone within 15 minutes. their service is awesome. I highly recommend to others

Saba Benjamin

One of the best phone glass repair shop you will ever find. Friendly staff and fast repairs with exceptional customer service.

Alwin Joseph

I live in Magill, and this is the best phone repair service providers I go to. The technicians have got knowledge and experience of what they are doing. They not only fix but have explained to me very well the issues with my phone. I have been recommending them to my family and friends for a while now. Always satisfied!

Neil de S

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Step 1
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Most Devices Fix in Same Day
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Problems that Make ZTE Repairs Necessary

You must not have taken into account the problems that you will be facing when you bought your ZTE phone at an affordable rate. The buying price of a phone is no indication of how the phone is going to serve you. So it does not mean that your phone is behaving erroneously because it is parts are compromised. In reality, all phones give troubles to their owners and ZTE phones are no exceptions. All you need to do, when you are facing the trouble, is to take it to the mobile repairing shops in Australia and they will do the ZTE Repairs.

The problem of the freezing of your phone is a huge one. You cannot use it properly if it keeps crashing every time you try to use it. As you are not an expert repairing person, you will have to take your phone to any of our mobile repairing center in Australia. The experts who work for them will know how to handle this problem and would thus do ZTE Repairs.

You will need your phone to have ample charge, in order to use it throughout the day. Being unable to do so will certainly get you alarmed. There can be a problem with the phones charging point or with the wire. In any case, get it to our mobile center for repairing in Australia and get your problem fixed. The technicians there are more than capable of dealing with this kind of problem.

You know that your phone has a problem when it becomes too hot to touch while you are charging it. You will need your phone charged so that you can use it. You will need to check how much more charge it requires to become fully charged from time to time. But, this becomes impossible to do if you could not even touch the phone. The repairing shops will be more than happy to help you get your ZTE Repairs.

Making calls to people is the primary reason behind owning a phone. So, if your phone is barring you to perform this simple task, you should know that it is time for it to visit the repair shops. The experts will get the bug that is creating this problem fixed. It is not possible to replace a phone every time it acts erroneously. A simple repairing by a professional will be enough to get it functioning normally again.

You must have installed apps that are helpful to you, on your phone. You must want to access them as per your convenience. But you might notice that your phone is performing a bit more slowly than it used to after the download of the apps. Deleting the apps is not an option for you and you might not know how to fix the problem without deleting them. You will, simply, have to take your phone to the repairing shops in Australia and fix the issue.

If you are looking for ZTE repair solutions in Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide or anywhere in Australia then Phone Glass Repair is the best option which has experts that helps you to fix your problem in few hours. Being able to use the phone without any trouble is your primary wish and the repair shops make your wish come true at an affordable rate.

Getting your ZTE phone damaged can prove to be costly but, with us you can have it covered at very affordable pricing. Yes, whether you are looking for ZTE screen replacement services or battery repair services, we have the specialist to handle all the issues and that too within your compact budget. So, you just need to come to our place and share all the issue related details with our experts and we will initiate ahead with the repair service right away. This is the reason why we have become one of the best and most formidable ZTE repair Adelaide service providers.

We understand the difficulty it can land of in your bag when your phone is not working properly. So, this is the reason we have a very professional ZTE customer service in place with which you can have all your different repair related needs covered not only in the quickest time possible but also in the most promising manager. Yes, we will make sure that most of your repair requirements are covered within the same day itself. So, you will never have to wait for long with us working upon your repair requirements.



We always work with highly experienced and qualified team who can help you with all your ZTE repair services. With us, you can have all types of repair requirements covered whether you are looking for ZTE screen repair services or camera repair services. Our team will never let you down and make sure that all your issues are resolved within your budget and keeping the quality top-notch. So, come to us for all your ZTE models and we have specialist to get it fixed without any difficulties at all. 


If you are having issues and are looking for ZTE blade screen replacement service, just tap on our doors and let our support executive know about the issues you are experiencing with the respective device, we will make sure that it is fixed and you have your device and your hand without any kind of issues with the data within it. Connect with us now and experience the best of ZTE repair Service now!


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