What We Repair Repair Price iPad Repair Time
iPad 1 screen replacement $109.00 1 working day
iPad 2 screen replacement $129.00 1 to 2 Working Days
iPad 3 screen replacement $129.00 1 to 2 Working Days
iPad 4 screen replacement $349.00 1 to 2 Working Days
Charging Port repairing $99.00 1 to 2 Working Days
Battery Replacement for iPad $99.00 1 Working Day
Water Damaged Assessment $69.00 2 to 3 Working Days
Sound or microphone problems $99.00 1 to 2 Working Days
Home, Volume, Mute or on/off Button Problems $99.00 1 working day
Wifi / Bluetooth $129.00 1 to 2 Working Days
Front or Rear Facing Camera Issue $109.00 1 to 2 Working Days

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Reasonable Solutions for iPad Related Problems

Repairing Broken Screens

Owning an iPad would mean that you do not have to use a phone and a laptop separately. The iPads are built to contain the features of both the phone and laptop in it. You are relying on it maintain your connection with the outside world. Things become a bit different when you cannot use your iPad with ease. You might have placed the device under a protective cover, but sometimes that is not enough to protect it from harm. If it gets dropped onto the floor, then the screen of the iPad gets cracked or worse broken. The replacement cost of the screen is enough to cause people to panic. But there is a way that will help you to restore the iPad to its former glory. All you need to do; is take the tablet to our any mobile repair shop in Australia and they would take care of the rest. The screen repair costs in these service centers are really affordable, and so you can avail it easily. Along with repairing and replacing your iPad screens; they also repair any kind of screen problem that you are facing with your device.

Different Models of the iPad

Launched in 2010; the iPad1 or first-gen instantly created a space for itself in the hearts of the people. Makers were able to sell as many as three million devices within three months of its launch. The original operating system used by these tablets was iOS 3.2 and was later updated to 5.1.1. Users could peruse books, spend their leisure hours listening to music or viewing movies, send text messages and also look on the internet with the help of the iPad1. Bolstered by the success of the iPad1, the makers decided to launch iPad2 within a year of the launch of the first one. Using the faster A5 processor with dual-core; the new tablet was given a sleeker look than the first one. The new iPad had two VGA cameras installed in both the front and back of the device to enable video calling facility to its users. With the introduction of the second generation iPad, the previous one was put out of use. Next to be launched was iPad3 which had an even faster processor with 5-megapixel cameras with an HD video recording system. It used iOS 5 and retained all the features of the previous generations along with some new features. The feature of voice dictation was added in the iPad3. The iPad4 came after the iPad3 and retained several of its features. It had a lightning connector and used an A6X chip.

Services Offered

If you are looking for iPad repair solutions in Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide or anywhere in Australia then Phone Glass Repair is the best option which has experts that helps you to fix your problem in few hours. Our repair shops in Australia offer more than just repairing your broken iPad screen glass: you can buy iPad cheaper than the market price. If you are facing any problem with your iPad, contact them without dithering. You can also get similar services from the repair shops at Gold Coast. For customers who are in need of it, the shop also repairs screen door in different cities of Australia at a reasonable cost.