What We Repair Repair Price iPhone 6 Repair Time
iPhone 6 screen replacement $95.00 15 to 35 minutes
iPhone 6S screen replacement $114.00 15 to 35 minutes
Charging Port for iPhone 6 / iPhone 6S $75.00 1 to 2 Working Days
Battery replacement for iPhone 6 / iPhone 6S $75.00 15 to 35 minutes
Water damaged Assessment $45.00 2 to 3 Working Days
Sound or microphone problems $75.00 1 to 2 Working Days
Home, volume, mute or on/off button problems $95.00 15 to 35 minutes
Wifi / Bluetooth $105.00 1 to 2 Working Days
Front or rear facing camera issue $85.00 1 to 2 Working Days

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Repairing the Broken iPhone 6 Screen

Owning an iPhone is a matter of pride and joy for a person: staring at its broken screen is far less satisfying for the owner. As an owner, you will immediately start to panic if your phone is harmed by its fall onto the ground. You might even try to mentally calculate how much you will have to spend to make it as good as new. Repairing an iPhone6 generally costs a lot of money. But if you want to spend your money wisely, then you should take it to a repair shop on the Gold Coast. Be it a cracked screen or one that is completely broken by the engineers, there, have a solution to all the problems. They will assess the screen problems of your device and then charge you a nominal amount for their services.

Resolving the Backlight Problem of iPhone 6s Plus

People often try to save money by repairing the broken screen all by themselves. This leads them to face issues with the backlight. The screen of an iPhone6s Plus will always be alight whether or not it is in use. So, if you do not see the light on you can be sure that something is wrong with the backlight. It is advisable that you do not try to fix a broken screen all by yourself, instead, visit a mobile repair shop in Australia and they will do it in exchange for a minimum service charge. You might not be aware of the proper method of fixing a broken screen but as they are professionals they will know what needs to be done. You can also visit them if your iPhone6 does not respond to your command and keeps freezing up.

Solving the Problem of Battery in iPhone6s

The iPhone6S torments its users with its bad battery life. If you are facing similar troubles with your phone where you feel that the charge has dipped too low too soon, then you need to replace your battery with a new one. The cost of a new iPhone6s battery makes its customers reconsider their decision. But there is an easier solution to this predicament. All you need to do is to visit a repair shop in our shop and change your battery at a really low cost. The engineers of the shop will try to repair the battery and see if it solves your problem. If this is of no avail then they will replace your battery at a low cost.

Resolving the Issue of a Dysfunctional Home Button

If you are looking for iPhone 6, 6S repair solutions in Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide or anywhere in Australia then Phone Glass Repair is the best option which has experts that helps you to fix your problem in few hours. The home button is an essential feature of an iPhone6 and users will find it impossible to use their phone if this button is not working. The problem could stem from either hardware or a software glitch and you should consult an expert to find out the root of the problem. Once you have properly identified the problem, then you can proceed to solve it. If it’s an issue of hardware, then you can repair the home button; as the cost of repairing it is not much. You can also replace this home button if needed, as it can be done at a minimal rate if you visit our repair shop in Australia.