What We Repair Repair Price iPhone 8 Repair Time
iPhone 8 screen replacement $185 35 to 55 minutes
iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement $199 35 to 55 minutes
Charging Port for iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus $119 1 to 2 Working Days
Battery replacment for iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus $109 35 to 55 minutes
Water damaged Assessment $69 2 to 3 Working Days
Sound or microphone problems $109 1 to 2 Working Days
Home, volume, mute or on/off button problems $109 35 to 55 minutes
Wifi / Bluetooth $129 1 to 2 Working Days
Front or rear facing camera issue $134 1 to 2 Working Days

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The Cost-effective Solution for Repairing iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

There is Nothing Wrong with Saving a Few

Things with the repairing of an iPhone 8 and 8 plus are never as it seems. While during the warranty period all may seem good but just one or two days out of it getting that iPhone Screen Repair may seem like a task that not many would like to undertake. A simple replacement cost of the screen may set one back by many zeros in a month in itself. If you are one of the proud owners of an iPhone 8 or 8 plus that is currently in a fix then it is for the best that you fix your iPhone screen from the pros at the local repair shop in the Gold Coast.

If you are looking for iPhone 8 repair solutions in Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide or anywhere in Australia then Phone Glass Repair is the best option which has experts that helps you to fix your problem in few hours. Not only are the engineers capable of changing your iPhone 8 screen but also provide you with just about any solutions. Whether you face screen problems like Cracked and broken screens or others like hardware or software repairs rather than getting assistance from the expensive Apple repair centers to give the local mobile engineers a chance to resolve your dilemmas. If you feel a little awkward or afraid to leave your phone behind do not be as reputation is everything to these small vendors and these hard-working professionals tend to your every problem as they want you to be happy enough to consider them for a return.

The Smart Move

So you are now the owner of a broken iPhone 8! After cursing everyone it would be better if you get up and take steps to repair it. An iPhone is not an inexpensive item and it may be all the more possible for you to get the iPhone 8 plus rear camera repair in the most cost saving way possible. You have to understand that in this world not only the engineers at Apple service center who can repair your iPhone properly.
There are other engineers out there who can make it possible, as well. Just because they sit in a less grand shop does not indicate that these engineers do not possess the skills to repair the costly iPhone. In fact, they possess more skill as they are work daily on such phones as there are many who are not affluent enough to spend much on repairing their mobiles from the Apple service centers. With tons of experience behind them, it is really not so surprising that they would be able to make backlight repair of an iPhone 8 and 8 plus possible in the shortest time possible.

There are many who complain that their iPhone 8 keeps freezing after using it form a certain time period. Not many are sure why it happens and try to fix the problem themselves. What they do not realize is that the freezing is just an indicator of the bigger problems that are yet to come. A simple detection by the repair our shops in Australia can solve any dilemma that you are facing in the blink of an eye! Just give them a chance!